Birthday Cake Shot Recipes RC 171


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Birthday Cake Shot Recipes RC 171 - We will provide information on how to make a birthday cake Shot that is simple and interesting for all of you. Can direct you guys practice at home as a surprise gift for a friend or your brother. For now, this awful lot who have difficulties to make a birthday cake for a lack of information will be how to make it. Below we will provide basic materials, recipes, and also how to make a birthday cake shot step by step:

Birthday Cake Shot Recipes Picture

Birthday Cake Shots Ingredients

1 Part White cake Vodka, chilled

1 part Dark Chocolate Vodka, chilled dollop of whipped cream Sprinkles ( optional )

Candle, cut to 3/4

Step by step Birthday Cake Shot Recipes

  • Mix Equal parts liquor in a shot glass.
  • Use a piping bag to pipe the whipped cream on top of the shot
  • Dot sprinkles on top of the whipped cream
  • Insert candle in cream and light
  • Make A wish and Shoot a birthday Cake ­čśÇ

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